We want to hear from you.

Do you have an idea for a show, want to recommend an author to us, or point us toward an event or publisher or artist who might be great to feature on a future show?

Please send us a message through our contact form below.


We are looking to showcase new and interesting work by emergent and established writers who are working across most contemporary genres, styles, and formats.

Popular, challenging, experimental works of fiction and general non-fiction are of interest especially works created by Indigenous writers or writers from marginalized communities.

Literary work that escapes the book format such as writing for video games and other emergent mutant literary forms are very intriguing to us as well.

Books on creative culture and communities, books that mix differing styles or formats, books that remix text and image, books that really try to engage with this messy moment in history that we’re living through – these are the books and the creators that we’re interested in working with and speaking to.


Awesome books created today by great people. If you got a mainline on some people who are doing these things then please send us a message.


We love you! You are doing the work and you’re working hard but we have to be straight up about something: we are very tactile creatures and we are not down with the digital files.

If you have created a book, a thing that lives in three dimensions and can be forgotten at a bus stop, then we can talk.

If you’ve poured everything out of yourself and into a book that you made because that’s your style and preference and because the book is awesome and the world needs it then please get in touch.

If you’re a self published author who’s using Google as your marketing plan, then please: we are not the droids you’re looking for.


We want to work with people who care about books.

At Books on the Radio we visualize a future were we have an extensive archive of contemporary authors reading and talking about their work and where readers and book enthusiasts across Canada are conducting interviews, recording readings, and making new literary things in a collaborative environment that embraces what’s happening now and what comes next.

We’re not really sure what any of this means just quite yet but we’re not afraid of that uncertainty.

If you want to start working with audio editorial software like Audacity or website platforms like WordPress or even get the opportunity to speak to writers about their new books then please send us a message and we’ll figure something out.

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