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A Radio Show About Books

Books on the Radio V 1.0 was born in the early months of 2009 and lived until October 2015 as a multi-platform channel for broadcasting interviews, articles, and readings by writers from across Canada, including writers from other parts of the globe.

Some of the authors whose work we shared include Vivek Shraya, William Gibson, Dina Del Bucchia, Cory Doctorow, Wayde Compton, Jane Munro, David Sedaris, Jennica Harper, Jillian Christmas, Sean Michaels, Leah Horlick, Michael Winter, Jordan Abel, and many more.

During that time Books on the Radio helped to create many new collaborative literary projects like the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, the Advent Book Blog, The Interruption [Creative Breaks and Returns], Bookcamp Vancouver 2009/2010, The 24 Book Project, the Griffin Vancouver Event, and the premier edition of the Giller Light Bash Vancouver.

We return after a three year hiatus with a bigger team, a few changes to the traditional structure of the show, and a new domain, but with the same commitment to sharing the voices and work of Canada’s best writers in a format that blends the warmth of independent analog broadcast with the global efficiencies of digital sharing culture.

Though Books on the Radio uses a suite of digital platforms and channels – WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud – to share our work and engage with our community the heart of what we do is embodied by those analog technologies that continue to defy every pronouncement of their demise: the book and the radio.

Please join #teamBOTR + everyone at CJSF 90.1 FM and our partner stations as we open this new chapter and explore what it can do. Thank you for reading and happy listening!


Talking to Writers and People in Publishing

The core of Books on the Radio has always been the interview. We speak to writers, editors, publishers, designers, and other professionals who work with books and creative writing.

We are an enthusiasm channel for conversations about the vitality, growth, and changes that are occurring in literary and other forms of cultural production today.

Whether we’re discussing the circuitous nature of the creative process with an emerging writer or the practical magic required to write a successful query letter with a literary agent, Books on the Radio brings a warm, informative, and humorous sensibility to every interview.


Writers Reading Their Own Work

Books on the Radio is also committed to creating a curated archive of audio recordings of Canadian (and other) writers working today. By recording short readings by writers and organizing them together with other audio from our interviews and conversations we are creating a repository of creative literary voices that should satisfy many different tastes and curiosities. The source audio for Readings can occur in a variety of ways.

  • Studio recordings or via telephone during a live broadcast of the show.
  • Less formal readings captured by microphone and digital recorder in the same room.
  • Via Skype, Zoom, or another online audio channel.
  • During a live public reading.

We’ll also archive and broadcast – with all appropriate credits and acknowledgements – readings from authors that are recorded at readings series across the country. If have have such audio that you’d like to share and/or you’d like to learn more about how to make simple recordings get in touch. These short readings give listeners the opportunity to sample great writing in many different styles and from many different locations and to hear it read to them in the voice of the author. Perfect for your morning commute! It is a special and intimate opportunity to connect with a writer and their work.


Writers Talking To Writers About Writing

Two writers – maybe three, maybe more – in conversation about the things that matter to them. About craft, about their favourite books, other writers work, the industry, the technologies, the challenges and sweet glories of living the life of a writer.

These conversations are brokered by the BOTR team. We set up the situation where the conversation can be had in comfort and we provide the equipment for documenting it but then we leave the room and let the magic happen.

We’re still working on developing this aspect of the show and we welcome suggestions and ideas from the community.